About us

Calzificio Bonetti Giordano brand embraces a history that fills its founders with pride.


This prestigious brand was created over 60 years ago in Botticino (Brescia).

Over time, the company has acquired a prominent position in the hosiery industry thanks to a constant and careful search for environmentally friendly, recycled and certified yarns to create excellent products for its customers.
In addition, Calzificio Bonetti Giordano collaborates with its customers to understand trends in their market and create future collections, aligned with the expectations of the end users. Production is entirely Made in Italy and our artisan techniques in all production steps guarantee the highest quality of the finished products. Thanks to these procedures, Calzificio Bonetti Giordano offers its customers ecological and top-quality products.

Calzificio Bonetti Giordano excels in the production of high-fashion, high-quality hosiery.

Thanks to the competence and experience acquired over the years, the company works with the best brands, not only in Italy but also worldwide to create innovative and fashionable products.

Every garment reflects the latest trends in the industry.

The company is constantly striving to exceed customer expectations, guaranteeing an unparalleled shopping experience. With the passion and commitment of the entire team, Calzificio Bonetti Giordano seeks to set new standards in the industry, distinguishing itself through quality, style and originality.



The Bonetti hosiery follows the production cycle of its products with great attention and professionalism at every specific stage:

– collection study with customer and stylist
– order and data entry
– product manufacturing through in-house knitting
– handmade assembly activities (sewing – washing – ironing – packaging)
– quality control
– customer’s approval
– shipping and delivery

Our Team

In addition, our quality control team carefully monitor each product to ensure satisfaction, and we seek approval from our valued customers before finalizing production. Lastly, we take care of the shipment and timely delivery of our products to our customers. Every step of our process is carried out with precision and excellence, ensuring the utmost quality product on our part.

Calzificio Bonetti takes care of each stage of the production process with scrupulous attention and professionalism.

We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive approach that guarantees the execution of the production cycle to the highest standards. We start by studying the collections together with the customer and stylist, and then we proceed with defining and ordering the collection. The actual production process is handled through in-house knitting department, but also through highest quality manual assembly activities, such as sewing, washing, ironing and packaging.



Calzificio Bonetti Giordano employ machinery entirely produced by companies located in Brescia, which is the worldwide hub for hosiery.

In our knitting department the processing is carried out by machinery with:
– 168 needles diameter 3 3/4
– 112 needles
– 128 needles
– 152 needles
– gauge 6

Regular maintenance and inspection

The machines are maintained and checked regularly to ensure their perfect and optimal performance. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, cutting-edge machinery and highly qualified staff, we guarantee our customers high-quality products that meet and exceed their expectations. We are passionate and committed to ensuring our customers’ satisfaction and providing value for money products.

Each garment reflects the latest trends in the industry and it is an element of distinction and elegance for the wearer.

The company is constantly striving to exceed customer expectations, guaranteeing an unparalleled shopping experience. With the passion and commitment of the entire team, Calzificio Bonetti Giordano seek to set new standards in the industry, standing out through quality, style and originality.

The yarns


The yarns used by Calzificio Bonetti Giordano are of the highest quality, thanks to our market-leading suppliers.

Our customers can choose from different types of yarns:
– natural fibres
– pure virgin wool
– silk
– cashmere
– elastic fibres for maximum comfort and fit, such as Lycra or Tactel

We believe in offering customised and individualised selections to our customers so that we can meet their unique needs and preferences.

We give our utmost commitment to providing our customers with high-quality yarns, helping them choose the perfect shades and ensuring maximum comfort in every product we offer. At Calzificio Bonetti Giordano, you can rely on quality, comfort and versatility of our products, and enjoy customized service from our dedicated team. Our philosophy is that our customers’ satisfaction and happiness is the ultimate measure of our success, making us the leading choice for premium hosiery products.

At Calzificio Bonetti Giordano, we are proud to make every effort to get only the best and highest quality yarns from the best suppliers.

Our esteemed and discerning customers are spoilt for choice, as they can choose from a wide range of options from natural and organic fibres to pure virgin wool, silk, luxurious cashmere and comfortable stretch fibres such as Lycra or Tactel. Their satisfaction is our top priority, which is why our yarn stock boasts a wide range of colours and shades to meet unique and diverse needs.

The hosiery factory boasts a yarn stock with a huge range of colours to meet all sample requests.

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