Our company


Calzificio Bonetti Giordano was founded at Botticino more than 60 years ago and since then we have worked in the hosiery field for men and children.

Our hand-crafted production throughout the manufacturing chain allows us to manufacture solely in Italy.

The strength of Calzificio Bonetti Giordano lays in the research of new trends from which we create innovative socks, by following the requests of the best




Calzificio Bonetti Giordano follow with great care and professionalism the production cycle of its products at each stage specific:

- study of the collections together with the customer and stylist

- order collection and entry

- product manufacturing by means of processing at our premises

- handmade assembly (sewing - washing - ironing - packing)

- quality control

- customer approval

- shipping and delivery



Calzificio Bonetti Giordano uses machines that all come from the Brescia area, which is the worldwide hub for the hosiery field.

In our knitting department, we use machines
- with 168 needles Ø 3 3/4  
 - 112 needles
 - 128 needles
 - 152 needles
 - Guage: 6



Our customers can choose many different types of yarns
 - natural fibres
 - pure wool
 - silk
 - cashmere
- elastic fibres such as Lycra or Tactel to obtain the highest comfort and wearability